Hideyuki Yoshida, FIAJ, FSA, MAAA, FCA

Title: President and CEO
Organization: Organization: Yoshida & Co. ,Ltd.
Actuary Consulting & Education
2-32-1 Mukougaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0023, Japan

Work experience:

Hideyuk is currently President and CEO of his own consulting firm, Yoshida & Co. ,Ltd. His major engagements include providing Appointed Actuary’s function at a mid-sized Life Insurance Company in Vietnam. Before he establish his consulting firm, he was Chief Actuary at i-Holdings Co. Ltd. , where he assisted actuarial aspects of FSA negotiations in setting up a new life insurance company in Japan. Before i-Holdings , he was Head of Analytics, at Aon Benfield Japan Limited. Prior to joining Aon Benfield, he was Managing Director/Practice Leader at PwC Japan for 12 years. He has over 40 years of experience as a practitioner in insurance. Consulted in reorganization of failed life companies, M&A, demutualization, and ERM implementations. Actuarial audit experience covers both JGAAP and USGAAP. Frequently speaks on IFRS, MCEV, and M&A topics. Taught actuarial studies part-time at University of Tokyo. He is Fellow member of SOA (U.S.A) and IAJ (Japan). Chairman of IAJ’s International Relations Committee and board Member of IAJ (2001 to 2015). Served as Chairman of International Association of Consulting Actuaries 2008 to 2010. Currently, chairman of Consulting Actuarial Congress of Asia (ACCA).

Recent public presentations:

Gave presentation at the IFRS Foundation Conference in Tokyo on “Insurance IFRS from Actuarial Perspective”. Gave presentation at the International Congress of Actuaries in Cape Town on the topic of “Actuarial Peer Review in Japan”. Gave Presentation at British Association of Consulting Actuaries(ACA) in Gatwick UK on the topic of “The Day after tomorrow for Asian insurers and pensions and its implications for actuarial consulting”. Gave Presentation to the Japanese Financial Services Agency on "Survey on the structure of external vendor model regarding the natural disaster risk”.

Contact details:

E-mail: yoshida_co.ltd@yoshidaand.co.jp Telephone: +81-80-4339-4650