Members and Membership Fee

The ACCA Constitution vide Article III deals with the categories of members and this has been interpreted in the membership application form in a manner that facilitates description and the same is described as under along with the fee payable as decided by the ACCA Executive Committee vide its meeting on 13th October, 2014

Membership Category Fee on admission Fee on renewal
Former APACA member Nil US$ 20.00 (Japanese ¥2,400 )
Existing Fellow member of a relevant Actuarial Association) US $ 25.00 (Japanese ¥3,000) US $ 20.00 (Japanese ¥2,400)
Existing Associate member of a relevant Actuarial Association US $ 25.00 (Japanese ¥3,000) US $ 20.00 (Japanese ¥2,400)
Affiliate member (an existing relevent association) US $ 25.00 (Japanese ¥3,000) US $ 20.00 (Japanese ¥2,400)


The amount is payable online in Japanese Yen by checking the Tab 'Pay Now'.