Vision, Mission and Values

The Vision:-

ACCA to be globally well recognized actuarial professional organization whose members are respected and valued for giving actuarial advice and are thought leaders of the day thus enabling recipients of actuarial advice to manage uncertainties of future financial outcomes.


The Mission/Objectives:-

While keeping in sight the VISION;

  • To encourage and assist in the development of consulting in general and actuarial consulting in particular in countries within the ACCA region where there is an identifiable need for actuarial  skills.
  • To enhance actuarial capacity in the ACCA region and facilitate growth of the application of actuarial science.
  • Create a networking platform among ACCA members.
  • To facilitate the exchange of views and information on an international basis among actuaries on matters affecting their professional responsibilities and business interests.
  • Create a platform to engage with receivers of actuarial advice and enhance the overall service offerings of the Actuaries.

The Values:-

  • Integrity: Doing the right thing even when no one is watching
  • High Standards of Professionalism: Conforming to the applicable Professional and Practice standards in a demonstrative way.
  • Advice based on well acquired and rigorous application of appropriate knowledge: Always update on relevant knowledge through recognised Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programmes.
  • To be responsive and Sensitive: Always listen well to stakeholders and avoid being reactive while interacting.
  • Respect for others' views: Without meaning to agree if disagreement is unavoidable, always be receiving and respectful to others' views.