About ACCA

The Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia in its short form ACCA is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-government and non-religious organisation created with the key objective of strengthening the subject of consulting in general and delivery of actuarial advice in particular in the Asia Region.

The subject of Actuarial Consulting and delivery of actuarial advice has been professional subject of engagement at global level and it took concrete shape when International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA) took shape in 1958. (http://www.actuaries.org/index.cfm?lang=EN&DSP=IACA&ACT=INDEX)

In the year 2008-2009 a move was made by IACA under Chairmanship of Hideyuki Yoshida of Japan to take IACA activities in more focussed way to regions so as to strengthen and develop actuarial consulting in regional jurisdictions. The idea took shape when,  in y2010 with Asia Pacific Association of Consulting Actuaries (APACA), a wing of IACA with Hideyuki Yoshida as Chairperson and Liyaquat Khan from India as its first Executive Director, was created. Though objectives for regional growth were to some extent under progress, it was realised that APACA needs to be re-structured as a body independent of IACA and consequently with more freedom to fructify growth and developmental goals. While this was under deliberations, the East Asian Actuarial Congress (EAAC) restructured itself in y2014 to be called Asian Actuarial Congress (AAC) and in line with AAC, it was decided to have the body replacing APACA to have its functional responsibilities for whole of Asia Region as against only Asia Pacific: hence the birth of ACCA.

Whether you are an actuary giving actuarial  advice or a client recipient of the same or just an actuary practicing your actuarial knowledge in some other ways, you are surely interested in matters relating to the framework within which actuarial advice should happen. ACCA provides forum for such professional development while focussing on Asia Region.

You are invited to have a close look at the ACCA Website at www.accaasia.org and also go through its constitution. Surely you would like to become ACCA member.

In case of any clarification needed please do get in touch with Hideyuki Yoshida at Chair@accaasia.org or Executive Director, Liyaquat Khan at ED@accaasia.org.