Vision, Mission and Values

ACCA to be globally well recognized actuarial professional organization whose members are respected and valued for giving consulting advice and are thought leaders of the day thus enabling recipients of consulting advice to manage uncertainties of future financial outcomes....

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Galaxy of Leaders

Hideyuki E. Yoshida

Chair - Japan

Halim Gunawan

Vice Chair - Indonesia

Liyaquat Khan

Executive Director - India

Wong, Ka-Man

Member - Hong Kong

Risza Bambang

Member - Indonesia

Chan Young Han

Member - Korea

Sanchit Maini

Member - India

Aiza Yasmin Benyamin

Member - Malaysia

Jatin Arora

Member - India

Rikiya Ino

Member - Japan

Ajmal Bhatty

Member - United Arab Emirates

Balaji Ravi

Member - Cambodia

Khushwant Pahwa

Member - India

Ryo Matsubara

Member - Japan

Chris Daykin

Advisor - UK

Frank Ashe

Advisor - Australia

Yves Guerard

Advisor - Canada

Ken Hohman

Advisor - US

Ashvin Parekh

Advisor - India


ACCA Members

Members of the Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia (ACCA) are all actuarially qualified persons and membership is open to all who qualify under the criteria specified in Art III of the ACCA Constitution and such members need NOT be in consulting. ACCA members, however are expected to have interest in issues related to subject of consulting whether such issues affect those on actuarial  advice delivery side or taker side. All advice given by Members is subject to the ACCA Code of Conduct besides such code as are issued by respective 'relevant' Association. ACCA members can be resident in any part of the world, however those wanting to serve on ACCA Executive, its Committees and working groups have to be resident of ASIA. Those desiring to be ACCA member are advised to go through the ACCA Constitution and peruse the Website:


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