Frank Ashe

Dr Frank Ashe has a consulting practice specialising in risk management and investments.  Risk management covers the gamut from culture and behavioural psychology, to technical matters in derivative risk, to strategy, to asset-liability management, to comparative corporate governance.  He is an Honorary Fellow at the Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre.

Dr Ashe has worked in Australia, Canada and Asia with consultancies, insurance companies, investment management firms, bond dealers, and financial software houses.  His 30+ years of practical experience have been predominantly in the measurement and management of financial risk and return, with an emphasis on asset-liability management, and developing risk measurement and management tools for novel situations.  His passion is for the clear expression of risk concepts to the non-specialist at all levels in the organisation

He is a regular presenter at industry seminars and colloquia, and was President of the Australian Q-Group 2002-2011.  He regularly travels through East Asia and South Asia, consulting and giving seminars, in-house training and Masters level University courses.  Dr Ashe is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Ashe obtained his PhD in Operations Research from the University of New South Wales.  He majored in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science, with First Class Honours in Mathematics, from Macquarie University.